How to improve intellectual wellness

To improve and maintain intellectual wellness, we must expand our creativity, curiosity and lifelong learning capacity.

Here are some simple tips to live by and habits you could cultivate:

  • Read regularly to stimulate the brain – don’t just read the easy books but read beyond topics you are familiar with
  • Debate with family and friends on common interest topics – it will improve your reasoning and critical thinking skills
  • Improve your learning skills – learn how to learn more effectively
  • Play a game of bridge – it is mentally challenging and offers intellectual and social stimulation at the same time
  • Learn to play a musical instrument or continue to practise on your musical instrument – it keeps you sharp and mentally alert
  • Keep a journal or write a diary – reflections keep your brain active and alive
  • Do crossword or Sodoku puzzles – a study of 19,000 people by KCL/Exeter University found that such puzzles develop sharper brains
  • Learn something new once in a while; get out of your mental comfort zone, flex your mental muscle

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