Social Wellness Essentials

Social wellness refers to your relationships with others. It involves developing and building close bonds of friendship, practicing empathy and effective listening,

as well as caring for others. According to research, socially isolated people are more susceptible to illnesses and might have a higher death rate.

Based on anecdotal evidence, people with strong social network tend to handle stress better.

Friendships contribute to higher levels of immunoglobulin.

Tactile actions such as touching, stroking and hugging are known to improve our mental well-being as well.

Laugher as we all know is also a good medicine to cure many social wellness ailments.

For those of you who lacks human companionship for whatever reason, pet ownership might be a good proxy.

According to Harvard Medical School, pet ownership, especially having a dog, is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

They found that dog ownership is associated with lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, although further studies are needed to fully validate this.

Some practical tips for you: participate in social events, join a club, visit good friends and nice relatives, volunteer in your community.

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