Nine tips for social wellness

Santa Clara University in United States offers these insightful thoughts and practical tips for achieving social wellness:

“The ability to form and keep loving relationships and supportive people in our lives is essential to striving for wellness. Social health consists not only of our personal relationships but also our relationship to our community. The contributions we make to society make our lives meaningful and leave a legacy of purpose and commitment for those who follow us. We are all social beings. Every day we interact with others in countless numbers of ways, from getting together with friends and family to talking with colleagues. It is important to have the skills to relate with people in a variety of settings, and to peacefully resolve interpersonal conflicts when they arise.

Nine tips for optimal social wellness:

  1. Communicating your thoughts, feelings and ideas
  2. Contributing time or money to community projects
  3. Developing family harmony
  4. Cultivating healthy relationships
  5. Getting involved
  6. Sharing your talents and skills
  7. Creating a support network of friends and family members
  8. Showing respect for yourself and others
  9. Contributing to your community and to the world

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