Reasons for memory loss

  1. Lack of sleep – good sleep hygiene is important as sleep strengthens the bonds between brain cells
  2. Aging – memory gets worse as we grow old. More people have Alzheimer’s, a common form of dementia. Keep your mind active but do not overload it
  3. Plaque (atherosclerosis) - which builds up in your arteries and slows blood flow to your brain can cause memory loss as well. Watch out for high blood pressure (hypertension) Do exercise often and control your diet.
  4. Stroke – people who suffer from stroke have poorer memory due to damaged brain tissues. Stroke also affects thinking and speaking. Heavy smokers have higher risks of stroke.
  5. Diabetes – this disease could cause memory problems including dementia. High blood sugar may damage the capillaries in the brain.
  6. Obesity – can cause memory loss due to its brain impact risks. If your BMI (body mass index) is over 30, be watchful over your diet and lifestyle.
  7. Lack of exercise can cause brain decline, according to scientists who have studied this subject over many years. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day and yes, walking is good too. Keep up your body movements to stay sharp and agile.

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